Australian Historical Art Fund & Heritage Government Residences


Acquisitions made by The Australiana Fund for the Official Residences are made without financial assistance from the Australian Government. The Fund is therefore reliant on donors for gifts, bequests and donations.  Cash donations over AU$2.00 are tax deductible, while donations of objects may attract taxation benefits under the Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scheme.

The Australiana Fund raises funds from public spirited individuals, corporations and organizations to further the work of The Fund in developing and maintaining this unique and important public collection.

Over the years we have relied on the generosity of our members and supporters to ensure we do not miss out on key historical purchases, and are in an excellent position to commission artworks from notable, contemporary designers.

One way in which you can assist The Australiana Fund to continue its important work into the future is through a bequest.

There are a number of ways in which you can create a bequest to The Australiana Fund:

• A Specific Bequest - You can bequest a specified dollar amount of your choosing, or a specified asset such as shares.

• A Percentage Bequest – this would be a nominated percentage of your estate up to 100%.

• A Residual Bequest – this means the balance of the value of your estate after those specifically named in your Will have been provided for and all debts and expenses of the estate have been paid.

• An Alternative or Contingent Bequest - You can chose to make a bequest in which The Australiana Fund will only become a beneficiary in the unlikely event that the other recipients named in your Will do not survive you.

Public acknowledgement can often inspire others to remember The Fund in their Will so we would be happy to acknowledge your generosity in our publications and website, of course if you prefer, your gift can be made anonymously.

If you have already made provision for a gift to The Australiana Fund's in your Will, we thank you and appreciate your generosity, however if you wish to ensure the Fund's legacy for future generations with a financial donation, a bequest or donating an object please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Sanders

Chair, The Australiana Fund