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Untitled, 1981

Uta Uta Tjangala (1926 - 1990)
Synthetic Polymer Paint on canvas
Foreign Matter embedded in paint (original)
Including Frame:
Width 77.5 cm Height 123 cm

This painting was the first Indigenous work acquired by The Australiana Fund.

Uta Uta Tjangala or 'Wuta Wuta' as he was also known, was conceived at Ngurrapalangu in the Kiwirrkura area of the Gibson Desert, Western Australia; and so was connected to the Yina (Old Man) Dreaming story that runs from Ngurrapalangu and through Yumari. One of the original painters from the Papunya group he was a member of the Pintubi/Pintupi tribe and ultimately an inspirational figure in the Papunya art movement, painting continuously until the late 1980s.

The circle line motifs in Tjangala's work are associated with the Yumari myth and represent rock holes and camp sites linked to the journey of an old man who was punished after having intercourse with his mother-in-law. The subjects, in paintings such as this, were traditionally used in ritual sand painting and destroyed by dancing.

Other Indigenous works in the collection include Bushtucker Dreaming a dot painting by Lisa Pultara (born Alice Springs c. 1961)
Lisa Pultara is an Anmatyerre speaker with Northern Arrente affiliations. She lives at Napperby and her traditional country lies around Napperby station. Pultara paints Water, Fish and Sugar Ant Dreamings for this region, since 1986.


This selection represents a small sample of our collection. Our book detailing the collection is currently out of print.
An updated edition has been published in 2017.
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