Australian Historical Art Fund & Heritage Government Residences

The Australiana Fund was established in 1978 to raise funds to acquire and preserve a permanent collection of art works that are Australian by origin or by association.

These Australian artistic and historical works are acquired to furnish the residences occupied by the Governor-General and the Prime Minister. Their official residences are Government House and The Lodge in Canberra and Admiralty House and Kirribilli House in Sydney.

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40th Anniversary Acquisitions Fund Appeal

The Fund’s purpose is to bring works of art reflecting Australian culture and history into the public realm of the nation’s Official Residences:  Government House and Admiralty House and The Lodge and Kirribilli House. 

It is a Collection which speaks of Australia’s long Indigenous history; its story as an island continent in an ocean crisscrossed by explorers and traders from across the world; of the practical hurdles of surviving and thriving on the far side of the globe; of a nation whose history is shaped by waves of migration; of Australia’s coming of age with Federation in 1901; of key events and figures in its history; of the celebration of Australia’s unique flora and fauna; and the maturing of a modern Australia, taking its place on the international stage and seeking the best from its distinctive cultural diversity.

Publishing our book Collecting for the nation – The Australiana Fund marks a new stage in The Fund’s short history as we can now promote The Fund, and its collection in the Official Residences to a far wider audience.  The book is also the catalyst to review the Collection to identify areas to be developed to enrich its scope, depth, balance and quality.

Areas for new acquisitions, in consultation with the Houses include:

  • Works by Indigenous artists and makers
  • Works on paper - especially important so we have changeovers for display in the Houses.
  • Commissions of contemporary crafts and design - ideally all the Houses’ furnishings will
  • be the best of Australian design and craftsmanship.
  • Objects with provenance to the Houses and their occupants
  • Sculpture
  • And artworks reflecting our cultural diversity.

None of the achievements of the last four decades would have been possible without the Fund’s members and supporters who have not only contributed the funds for acquisitions but also to publish Collecting for the Nation.

To achieve this reinvigoration of the collection, we have launched the 40th Anniversary Acquisition Fund.

Using the attached form, I invite you to make a donation to this fund as your generosity will allow us to ensure the Collection is the best possible manifestation of Australia’s cultural heritage and contemporary creativity.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer Sanders

Chair, The Australiana Fund



There are no Open Days currently scheduled in 2020

Details of Public Open Days will be updated on this page, our Facebook Page, Instagram and via Twitter when information is available. 

These events are not run by The Australiana Fund and dates may be subject to change. For more details check the official website of the Governor-General


There are no Garden Tours currently scheduled in 2020

- profit from the garden tours goes towards preserving and enhancing The Australiana Fund's collection of historic artworks.